About Us

Why we do What we do

Aspiring, Curious & Customer-oriented.

Aiden Creative was founded on the core principle that we would truly help our clients grow their businesses by working as a strategic partner rather than merely an outsourced vendor.

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve had a front row seat to the rapidly evolving technologies, platforms and habits that make up the digital age. We challenge each other to stay flexible and efficient, constantly iterating our processes as we grow. And by listening to how our work is received, to how people react and use it, we’re able to constantly iterate and improve the experiences we create.


Client Relationship

For Aiden Creative, our principle is to act as your strategic partner, rather than a mere outsourced vendor. Simply put, we are not your typical agency, which assumes what is ‘right’ for the customer. That’s not what we do! We listen closely to you and truly understand your business goals before embarking on a digital marketing strategy that fits your business dynamics. We always aim to maximise your company’s potential and achieve an impressive return on your investment. Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, to increase sales conversion or to promote brand advocacy we are ready to work with you to achieve your objectives.

‘Aiden Creative promises that, with every campaign that we execute for our clients, we strive hard to deliver a unique and connected brand experience (with your customers). The ability to amplify the essence of your brand and USPs remains relevant especially in this digital age today. In this ever-changing world, it is even more important to harness social intelligence as the key differentiator, by providing your customers and clients with tailor-made solutions, products and opinions.’

Taufin Rusli, Creative Director


  • Provide the perfect ecosystem for everyone to connect and interact online, by harnessing the best technology has to offer effectively and efficiently.
  • Be a company with the happiest partners/employees in Singapore.



  • Stay abreast of technological advancement, as every change is an opportunity to provide our customers better marketing solutions and always think of how the change can help better serve our customers’ online marketing needs.
  • Always treat our clients’ business as our own, and find the most effective and efficient methods to provide a connected experience between them and their customers.


  • A-Aspiring: We are growing aggressively, not just in terms of size but in our mindset for groundbreaking success.
  • I-Innovative: We are always delving deep to discover the next breakthrough technology and avant-garde marketing campaign.
  • D-Dedicated: We are dedicated in providing extreme customer satisfaction and exceeding clients’ marketing objectives year after year.
  • E-Effective: We always aim to deliver not only the most impactful campaigns, but a very cost-effective one as well!
  • N-Notable: We strive hard to make brands stand out in today’s saturated marketplace, across multiple touch-points in the digital arena. We want you to be notable category leaders, staying top of mind at all times.

Our Culture

We practise a collegial environment where our ideas and creativity are not bounded by hierarchical structure. Perpetual learning is what we believe in, ensuring that capabilities instead of positions speak the loudest. We are constantly making progress with our open mind set and this is why we never fail to deliver works of the highest quality. Every feedback from our valued clients are received with the utmost professionalism and we strive to give our best to you. We help clients adapt, grow and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving, multi-channel world.



You might ask, why the name Aiden? Aiden simply means “Little Fire” in Gaelic language. Founded in 2012, the name epitomizes our team, small in size yet full of ambition in providing the most effective and affordable digital marketing services for SMEs and start-ups. Due to our terrific track record in delivering top-notch works and exceeding the KPIs that is agreed upon with our clients, we have the opportunities to take on larger-scale projects with several multinational companies. We don’t just deliver, we excel!

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