Top 5 Customer Loyalty & Rewards Programs in Singapore (2022) ✅

Top 5 Customer Loyalty & Rewards Programs in Singapore (2022) ✅


Customer loyalty in 2022 is no longer just about membership cards and offering points for future redemptions. As part of a far larger brand strategy to appeal to consumers, loyalty marketing has progressed from the transactional “spend-and-earn-loyalty-points” model to one that ultimately helps brands understand how to serve their consumers better.


If you’ve read our earlier article on what loyalty program marketing is and why brands should adopt loyalty marketing, you may be aware of how increasingly sophisticated loyalty marketing has gotten. From providing businesses with the nitty-gritty about their customers, to enabling brands to roll out targeted marketing campaigns enticing repeated purchases – loyalty marketing today requires far more complex infrastructures and system support than in the past.


Rather than trying to build a customer loyalty programme on your own, we’ve hence identified 5 customer loyalty and rewards programs providers in Singapore that can help your company deliver the loyalty programs you deserve:



edenred, a top customer loyalty and reward program in singapore

Image credit: Edenred

Strengths: Available in 46 countries worldwide, offers constant updates for existing system users, provides cloud and mobile integrated CRM solutions that incentivise better staff performance and improves customer relations

Services: Member-base management, flexible points engine and loyalty rewards, smart campaign automation, visualised reporting

Notable Clientele: Sephora South East Asia, Sofitel Luxury Hotels, Shell, American Express, OCBC Bank, Hewlett-Packard, Haagen Dazs, McDonald’s’ Restaurants


The recipient of the Marketing Excellence Awards 2019 for Excellence in Loyalty Marketing, Edenred is a trialled and tested choice for companies looking to develop their loyalty programmes in Singapore and globally.


With over 70 years of experience, Edenred’s selling points don’t just end there. Offering a comprehensive cloud and mobile integrated CRM solution called the Fides Suite, brands can manage and enhance customer relationships and boost staff performance through key features such as smart campaign automation, personalised product recommendations, and visualised reporting. New features developed by the Edenred team will also be added to the system for all users, ensuring that regardless of the subscription period, Edenred users will continue to have an up-to-date CRM solution equipped with tools to execute refreshing and engaging loyalty marketing programmes.


Brands looking to expand overseas or currently available in numerous countries will also benefit from Edenred’s global presence in 46 countries. Given the vast network, brands through Edenred will be able to expand their local customer loyalty programmes overseas, ensuring a consistent and seamless customer rewards programme for all members, whenever, wherever.




Strengths: An approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) vendor, broad API integration for customised CRM solutions

Services: Member management, campaign management, case management, survey management, the communication engine

Notable Clientele: BreadTalk, Starbucks, Far East Organisation, UOL Malls


Identified as APAC CIO Outlook’s Top 10 CRM Solutions Providers in the Asia Pacific, Ascentis is a local award-winning loyalty marketing company backed by a strong local clientele for consideration.


While their solution (AscentisCRM) ranges on the higher price end than other vendors on this list, this is typically justified by the more bespoke solutions that Ascentis offers, which is frequently built and tailored to clients’ organisational needs.


Specialising in customised CRM and loyalty solutions that can be integrated with a wide range of APIs, AscentisCRM ultimately allows for personalised and targeted marketing through its wide arrange of management features, such as member database management, feedback tracker, loyalty campaign builder, and email marketing engine – enabling brands to engage the right audience at the right time to drive revenue.




Poket, a top customer loyalty and reward program in singapore

Image credit: Poket


Strengths: Affordable, user-friendly DIY CRM & loyalty management system with minimal setup time

Services: Member management, marketing and campaign automation, visualised reporting, collateral template builder

Notable Clientele: Cathay Organisation, OG Department Stores, Irvins Salted egg, Makisan


Another local award-winning CRM and loyalty software, Poket, provides merchants with an affordable, flexible system that users can set up and launch within minutes.


With prices starting from as little as S$30 per month (when billed yearly), Poket is a viable option for small and medium establishments looking to dip their toes into loyalty marketing in today’s digital age. In addition to boasting an extensive repertoire of features and a multitude of methods for operating any rewards program, their Online Loyalty Program also makes self-setup easy and practically instant, minimising any lead time that would typically be required with most vendors.


However, one thing to note is that Poket’s standard plans (featured on the website) do not come by default as white-labelled solutions. As such, consumer redemptions and rewards will mainly take place through Poket’s app or platform unless separately requested.



advocado, a top customer loyalty and reward program in singapore

Image credit: Advocado


Strengths: An approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) vendor, user-friendly CRM & loyalty management system with minimal setup time

Services: Member management, marketing and campaign automation, visualised reporting

Notable Clientele: Yoogane, Eyechamp, Pro Trim Hair Studio, Greendot


Much like Poket, Advocado is an alternative affordable cloud loyalty software that requires minimal setup time and effort, catering mainly towards small and medium enterprises.


With a ‘one price plan for every business’ policy, Advocado charges a standard fee of US$115 per month (billed annually) per outlet, and supports up to 5,000 members for each outlet under the plan. In return, brands can benefit from up to 1,000 free transactional SMS per outlet each month, and gain free lifetime upgrades for their loyalty software.


For companies that require more guidance and assistance with implementing their customer loyalty program, Advocado also offers a customised success package targeted at helping brands understand how to engage consumers effectively. This package can benefit businesses just starting on their loyalty marketing journey or require additional marketing advice to get their campaigns going.




Strengths: Strong presence in Asia, a prepaid rewards card that is integrated with POS

Services: Prepaid function, point function, member management, data analytics


A market leader for rewards programmes in Japan, Valuedesign’s presence spans across Asia, serving over 710 customers and 70,000 stores. However, unlike other listed CRM solutions vendors, Valuedesign’s signature product is a flagship card program (Valuecard) equipped with a common loyalty marketing feature instead of a cloud-based solution.


Targeted mainly at F&B businesses and physical store retailers, Valuedesign helps brands incentivise repeated visits and purchases through prepaid rewards cards that track points, rewards and spending – reminiscent of traditional membership cards. To keep up with the times, Valuedesign’s program now works with physical membership cards and e-cards accessible via its Valuecard app. Businesses looking for an e-wallet solution or more traditional means of loyalty marketing can consider Valuedesign for a reliable membership card program.


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