10 Online Tools for Productivity this Work From Home Season

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With social distancing being the new rule of the day and companies implementing work from home measures in line with the latest Circuit Breaker, many of us are reaching to find solutions when it comes to working remotely.

Fortunately, in today’s digital age, there are many tools available online to help us get organised, productive and connected. Be it conducting a team meeting, or delegating new projects to fellow colleagues, most tasks can now be carried out virtually – all from the comfort of your home!


For Project Management

  1. Trello


Ratings: 4.5/5 

Price: Free, with paid plans starting from US $12.50 per user per month

What We Like About It: Simple and easy to use, create unlimited project boards with the free account

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into separate boards. A form of Kanban-style project management, know what is being worked on, who is working on what, and how far into the process the project is in just one glance.


  1. MeisterTask


Ratings: 4.7/5

Price: Free, with paid plan starting from US$8.50 per user per month

What We Like About It: Flexible project boards for different types of teams

An online task management tool for teams, Meistertask offers a simple, intuitive task management solution that can be customized to suit different business’s specific needs. Enjoy features distinctly designed for enterprise use, such as: assigning of user roles, granting of project access rights, time tracking, task automations and more.


For Chat & Messaging

  1. Slack


Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Free, with paid plan starting from US$6.67 per user per month

What We Like About It: User-friendly UX and UI, integrable with over 1000 apps 

A collaboration hub that organizes conversations by channels for easier tracking, Slack brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done. With all of your communication and tools in one place, remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from.


  1. Ryver


Ratings: 4.4/5

Pricing: From $49 per month for 12 users

What We Like About It: A messaging and task management app all in one

Instead of having to communicate with your team via various different apps, organize your team’s collaboration within one app using Ryver. Equipped with features such as group messaging, voice and video calls, and task management, Ryver is a powerful tool that is simple to use.


  1. Chanty


Ratings: 4.9/5

Pricing: Free, with paid plan starting from US$3 per user per month

What We Like About It: Simple and easy to use interface, value for money

For teams looking for a free secure team chat platform with unlimited messaging, Chanty is a simple AI-powered team chat that checks most boxes. Possessing a simple interface, have your chats, tasks, files and links put together in a user-friendly manner within the app. With Chanty, never lose a single message. What’s written in Chanty stays in Chanty.


For Calls & Conferences

  1. Zoom


Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Free, with paid plan starting from US$14.99 per user per month

What We Like About It: Good audio and video quality, vast number of features

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.


  1. Google Hangouts


Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Free

What We Like About It: Allows users to message contacts and start free video or video calls with one or more person

Available to all for free, Google Hangouts allows you to connect with your team from anywhere. With easy-to-join video calls through shared links and invitations, meet teammates, clients and more without the added cost of travel.


  1. Microsoft Teams


Ratings: 4.3/5

Pricing: Price starts from US$5.00 per user per month

What We Like About It: Comes bundled with other essential Microsoft 365 applications, allows for collaboration all in one place

Previously known as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams is geared toward businesses and comes bundled with other essential Microsoft Office apps when you subscribe to Microsoft 365 Apps for business. The cross-platform communication tool brings all team members into a single interface, regardless of their device and location, and also allows you to access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time.


For Calls & Conferences

  1. Toggl


Ratings: 4.6/5

Pricing: Starts from US$9.00 per user per month

What We Like About It: Easy to use, idle tracking

With Toggl, time tracking is now a hassle free process. A full-featured application, Toggl comes with tracking reminders and idle detection for times when you forget to activate it, ensuring that you know what’s making you money and what’s holding you back no matter what. Available on your browser and phone, track with Toggl and be assured of an accurate, up-to-date time entries no matter which platform you’re on.


  1. Clockify


Ratings: 4.7/5

Pricing: Free

What We Like About It: Completely free with unlimited time tracking tools offered

Clockify is a simple time tracker and timesheet app that lets you and your team track work hours across projects. Available completely for free, Clockify is perfect for those on a budget looking to track productivity, attendance, and billable hours with minimal frills.

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