5 top benefits of video marketing

Unless you have been on another planet for the last twelve months, you will have noticed the incredible surge of video on websites and blogs. Internet marketing videos are not the future, they are now! So let’s look into why you should be creating inexpensive and easy internet marketing videos to promote your business, services or products.

To Get Your Message Watched
It seems that the ordinary person online has the concentration of a goldfish. Author more than a paragraph or two and it looks like ‘work’ to read. Movies on the other hand are quick and easy to view and are seen as entertainment, not effort.

As long as your video is interesting and tuned in to your viewers needs or issues, you have a potential customers full attention. But stray from this for just an instant and your viewer becomes bored and will leave your website.

To Be Seen As A Leader
When you compose a video you are automatically seen as an expert in your field. This gives extra credibility to your business as you become the ‘expert’ with the answers to your industries problems.¬†However, this does mean that you have to put some useful tips in your marketing movies, not just a ‘Buy My Stuff’ message.

To Educate Your Viewers
By its very nature, movies are a visual medium. So it is a good deal easier for your customers to view a short tutorial video than it is to read through a heavy technical manual just to comprehend a simple point or method. This technique alone can reduce your customer support

To Engender Trust
Shoppers are untrusting, skeptical critters! They can smell a marketing pitch from a mile away and click away at the merest whiff of hype. But by putting your message on video you have the opportunity to let your clients see your face rather than your business.

Customers do not do business with companies; they only spend their hard earned cash with people they trust. And the best way to build trust is to answer their worries honestly, without hype or spin, and instead of attempting to sell them, make it easy for them to buy.

Easy Access To Your Audience
To make the largest profits from the smallest expense in any business, you need to locate a hungry crowd and set up your stall in front of it. By listing your online movies on sites such as Youtube or Google Video and with clever use of relevant keyword tags you have access to a massive audience.

It has never been easier or more economical to produce effective online marketing movies to promote your business, church or charity. Brief us today, and you can start enjoying the advantages of online video marketing without spending a fortune.

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