8 Awesome Free Digital Marketing Courses You Can Take This Circuit Breaker To Improve Your CV – Certification Included


As the circuit breaker officially extends for another month, one common question many of us may have is this:


What can I do during this time?


If you’re a student or professional who already exhausted all entertainment options on Netflix and social media, perhaps it’s time to add several skills to the block. Following up from our earlier article on free social media courses available during season, here are 8 free digital marketing courses you can take this circuit breaker to give your CV more oomph.


  1. Content Marketing Certification Course by Hubspot Academy

Free till: Forever

 Certification available: Yes, for free

What it teaches:  How to become an effective content marketer


Sure, content marketing may not be a skill that’s as commonly listed on marketing job postings or even as a big a buzzword as SEO or SEM may be. However, with content marketing providing the basis for most of these marketing techniques to work, having a strong fundamental understanding of how to be a good content marketer can go a long way.


Hubspot which specialises in inbound marketing (and in turn content marketing) offers a great introductory course for those looking to become an effective marketer. Across the span of 6 hours, pick up Hubspot’s content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis, and learn how to create or repurpose content that both readers and search engines will love through bite-sized video lessons and practice quizzes.


Should you still be in the mood for something more ‘technical’ following this nonetheless, Hubspot Academy may have something else just for you.


  1. SEO Training Course by Hubspot Academy

Free till: Forever

Certification available: No

 What it teaches: Basic SEO principles to build sustainable traffic for business growth


You’ve learnt how to craft engaging content for viewers. Now, learn how you can build sustainable traffic that leads consumers straight to your website.


For those who are hearing about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the first time, the term refers to the process used by marketers to rank a website higher organically on search engines (namely Google).


While 1.5 hours is far from adequate for learning all there is about SEO, the course provides a good overview to what SEO is really about, how you can find an SEO strategy that fits your business, the strategy Hubspot employs to rank well on Google, and lastly, the next steps you should take to further your SEO training journey.


  1. Moz Academy

 Free till: 31 May 2020

 Certification available: Yes, for $595

 What it teaches: All you need to know about SEO, from keyword research, to backlink basics, to page optimisation and site audits


For those serious in picking up SEO, Moz Academy would be a good way to begin.


In addition to being created by the team behind one of the most used SEO tools in the industry, courses on Moz Academy also cover an extensive range of things you need to know about SEO – from performing your own keyword research, to technical site audits and backlink management.


Given how these courses would typically cost around US$49 to US$199 to enrol in (after 31 May), this is all the more reason why you should sign up for the course while you still can.


  1. SEMrush Academy

Free till: Forever

Certification available: Yes, for free

What it teaches: SEO fundamentals and how to use SEMrush tools to boost SEO


Contrary to what its name suggest, SEMrush Academy’s course and certification isn’t geared towards just Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but rather various aspects of digital marketing: SEO, SEM, and even content marketing.


For time-strapped learners looking to zoom in on particular courses however, we would highly recommend beginning with the SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford and SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course.


In addition to giving you a better understanding of the steps taken when performing SEO, the course also gives you an insight towards how tools can be used to perform critical steps in SEO, such as keyword research, which could be more practical in the long run for those embarking on their SEO journey.


  1. Marketing with Ahrefs

Free till: Forever

Certification available: No

What it teaches: SEO fundamentals and how to use Ahrefs tools to boost SEO


At first glance, Marketing with Ahrefs may just seem like another course pitching the use of its tool.


While indeed, the entire first module of the course focuses on exploring how one can use Ahrefs’ tools in SEO, the course overall provides a good overview to the practical steps taken to rank up a website.


Be it how you can perform your own keyword research and topic analysis, or how you can perform backlink analysis and build them yourself, Marketing with Ahrefs offers more than just an informational advertisement, but also knowledge on what it means to do SEO.


  1. The Strategy of Content Marketing via Coursera

Free till: Forever (to audit)

 Certificate available: Yes, for free (until 31 May)

 What it teaches: Core strategies content marketers use to acquire and retain customers profitably


Coming back to content marketing, The Strategy of Content Marketing dubs itself as a course for intermediate marketers, and is a partnership between the leading content marketing authority, Copyblogger, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.


For those looking to explore content marketing more in depth and are willing to divulge more time to a more rigorous course curriculum with timed assignments, the Coursera course offers a more immersive learning experience and equips you with numerous tools and frameworks for strategic content marketing.


From now till 31 May, participants who enrol in the class will also not be required to pay for the certification upon completion, making it an added bonus if you choose to do it now!


  1. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies via Coursera

 Free till: Forever (to audit)

 Certificate available: Yes, under Coursera’s paid programme

 What it teaches: How to plan a digital marketing campaigns and the role of various digital channels in an integrated marketing communication


Ever wanted a taste of what doing a masters would be like? A four week study programme with an estimated commitment level of 8 to 10 hours per week, the Digital Media and Marketing Strategies course offers you just that, being part of the Master of Business Administration (iMBA) degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,.


More rigorous than most of the other courses listed here, it explores digital marketing as a whole, and aims to give you a deeper understanding of the tools available to reach, engage, monitor and respond to consumers in today’s world – from SEO and copywriting, to video marketing and social media campaign marketing.


For those looking to dip their toes into digital marketing, consider combining this course with others in the list for a comprehensive view of how digital marketing can be planned, and subsequently executed.


  1. Google Ads on Google Skillshop

 Free till: Forever

 Certificate available: Yes, for free

 What it teaches: How to use Google Ads to advertise your business online


What better way to learn about what Google has to offer than from Google itself? For those looking to bolster their skills in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google’s Skillshop offers an eLearning course about the tools and features that are part of Google Ads in Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads and Measurement.


The best part? Completion of Google’s diagnostic assessment at the end of the course earns you a Google Ads certification, making you officially Google Ads certified! Given how this certification is a necessity for companies who wish to earn a Google Partner badge, this is certainly a coveted addition that you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile!


Still hesitating?


Whether you’re job seeking, looking to improve your work knowledge, or simply someone looking for a productive way to spend the day, consider taking this time to polish up your CV with these digital marketing courses that are available for free during this season.


With several of them offering complimentary certifications upon completion, you can even share your certification to LinkedIn afterwards, and let everyone know how you’ve spent your circuit breaker, all while giving your profile that extra *zing* factor.

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