Rich Results Test Tool Launched By Google

Google has added the Rich Results Tool to their database. Pictures here, the Google Analytics Tool is one that has been used by many publishers to keep track of the performance of their sites.

The Rich Results Tool was launched by Google on the last day of 2017 and it will allow publishers to test the content on their page to ensure that structured data is properly displayed in search engine results.

With this latest tool, page content will be displayed in ‘rich snippets’ and ‘rich cards’ format on Google search-results pages below keyword ads. The Rich Results Tool tests for structured data sources and also detects page markup issues that may be preventing rich snippets from being shown. Google currently recognizes recipes, jobs, movies and courses to be featured as rich snippets and additional types of data will be introduced in the near future.

The Rich Results Tool requires users to manually insert the URL that needs to be analyzed and reviewed, after which it will highlight any errors alongside assistance on how to rectify the problem. When used correctly, publishers can look forward to increasing traffic to their sites with greater authority.

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