Stay Clear Of These 5 Mistakes On Facebook

Avoid these 5 mistakes on Facebook to attain maximum results on the social media network

Facebook is the fastest growing social media network with over 2.07 billion monthly active users and 1.37 billion active users on a daily basis; this is a 16% and more than 17% growth year-over-year respectively. 50 million businesses use Facebook to engage with these users and of these businesses, 3 million have invested in Facebook ads to market their services and products. With the numbers for Facebook increasing rapidly, there is simply no way to ignore the plus points of utilizing Facebook to effectively reach a wider audience for your business.

Here we have compiled 5 of the most common mistakes that businesses make when advertising on Facebook. Take note to stay clear of these faux pax to make Facebook work to your advantage.

  • Wrong targeting

One of the most useful tools that Facebook has implemented for advertisers is audience targeting. As with all other forms of marketing, knowing your target audience is crucial in converting users to customers. If your ads are not reaching the right people, then the effectiveness of the ads that you put out there will be significantly lowered.


  • Inconsistency

Inconsistent posting is a mistake that is not just applicable for Facebook but for all social media platforms. Posting content regularly and consistently creates a positive image for your business to potential customers; it gives the impression that your business is a busy and thriving one that is most likely to respond to queries at any time. One way to combat the problem of inconsistent posting is by creating a content plan and, of course, by sticking to that plan.


  • Lack of variety

People love diversity and this is true for the type of content that they see online as well. By mixing up the content that you post on your page, you can attract a wider audience and engage them more effectively. Some of the content that you post includes news articles, informative blog posts, videos, photos, polls, quizzes, tutorials, testimonials, jokes, GIFs and these can be both original and curated.


  • No engagement

Why use social media to market your business? Well, it provides you with the most effective and straightforward way to engage with your customers and followers. Avoid the mistake of merely broadcasting your message and ignoring the comments and messages that may come after. Engagement should be a two-way street, after all, and it is the key to building up a loyal and steady following for your business.


  • Blatant advertising

Remember that you are presenting your business on a social media platform which means that the focus should be on being social and on effective engagement with your customers rather than on selling.


These mistakes may seem trivial but to truly avoid them is far from easy. You will need to invest time and effort into making your Facebook page truly work for your business. At Aiden Creative, we have a team of skilled social media mavens who can do just that for you.

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