Digital Marketing FAQ

Why does my business require digital marketing?

Building an online presence for your brand is no longer a luxury, but a logical progression to acquire more profits for your business! Millions of Singaporeans are on the Internet daily – searching for new places to go, socialising through Facebook and Twitter, reading food blogs and reviews, etc. Capitalise on this nature by targeting your ads in these placements to build greater brand awareness for your business. When a person is searching for your type of product or service, online marketing ensures they see and visit your website and business offerings. It’s that powerful!

I do not have the budget for online marketing. Is your service affordable?

Our online marketing plans start from as low as $500 monthly. This will guarantee you an adequate level of online presence, which is better than none. Don’t lose out to your competitors who are reaping the rewards of being online and taking away some of your potential customers. Speak to our consultants and we will advise you on the best course of online marketing approach with the estimated ROI. It’s non-obligatory, but at least it gives you a better understanding of how much you can actually achieve online.

Can Aiden Creative guarantee me a no.1 placement in the search results?

Yes, with Paid Search (Search Engine Marketing), you will have the greatest opportunity to see your ads at the prominent 1st positions on all search engines, when a user searches for a query that matches your keywords for the ads. Guaranteed! Click here to learn more about Paid Search (Search Engine Marketing).

What is the difference between SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEM gives you the ability to place your ads on the first page of the search engine results page when a user searches for a query that matches the keywords you set for your ads to appear. The rule of thumb is, the higher your bid and quality score, the higher placed (position) your ads will appear on the Search Engine Results Page.

SEO is basically divided into 2 areas – onsite and offsite optimisation. Onsite optimisation involves the systematic tweaking and fine-tuning of your website, giving the Search Engine Bots that are crawling your website the ability to better understand your site content, so as to allow a more accurate and proper indexing of your website. More accurate indexing allows for easy retrieval by the Search Engines when a user searches for a query that matches the keywords on your site as determine by the Bots. Offsite Optimisation involves mainly link-building and more recently, social influence. The rule of the thumb is, the more popular your website is (the more people link and like your website), the higher up your website will appear on the results page, as the Search Engines would have deemed your site as being more important and relevant to a user’s search query. Studies have shown that more than 70% of the search users do not go beyond the first page of the Search Engine Results Page. This makes it even more important to have your business presence appear on the first page of the results page in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

To learn more about offsite optimisation through link-building, you can click here and learn to do it on your own. However if time is a precious commodity to you, Aiden Creative can rank your site effectively at the top of the search engine results page.

Ok, you got me. Online marketing is the way to go. But how do I get the assurance that my campaign is working?

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing brings measurability to a whole new level. You will receive a periodic reporting about the performance about your campaign. Metrics include how many times your ads are being clicked on against the number of times it is actually shown. You get to see real data of what users actually do on your site after clicking your ad. Do they bounce-off or do they actually stay to explore your site, and even convert by signing up a newsletter or making a purchase. These data not only gives you a first-hand understanding of your consumers, but you can better optimise your ads and landing pages to improve the conversion rate of those who visit your site in the immediate future.

What is integrated online marketing (IOM) that Aiden Creative blabbers about?

SEO and SEM (see above) are fantastic techniques to put your website up there on the first page when a user searches for your type of products/services. For highly competitive keywords, your site may require greater bid budget and optimisation budget to ensure your site ranks up high in the Search Engine Results Page. And you will need to maintain and even increase the budget spending month to month to ensure your site continues to stay up there. This may not be very economical for many small businesses in Singapore.

IOM is an integrated approach where we harness other known strategies that are cost-effective, yet highly efficient to amplify your brand presence online. One of the most effective method is through Viral Video Marketing. A combination of this strategy coupled with others in a closely knitted fashion and working them through the right channels in a systematic fashion will ensure your website even greater online presence than before.

Is Integrated Online Marketing for SMEs and small businesses?

Absolutely! It combines paid and organic techniques that work together to give you greater online presence and the results are much more permanent as compared to SEO. Marketing budget for this starts from as low as $300 monthly.

How can I feel assured that you are not burning my campaign budget?

Firstly, you need to be really good in online advertising to be qualified by Google, and we are. Secondly, we have acquired a fantastic clientele who benefited from this entire experience and are happy to share it with you by granting us video testimonials. Last but not least, you need to read this again if you have not done so.

Bottom-line, SMEs and start-ups are the soul of our business. We exist because of you. We exist to promote and to bring the benefits of online marketing to your business so that you can have a share of the profits that online marketing promises. So call us today or leave a message for us to call you. Whether you ultimately engage our services or not, we will make it worth your while!

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