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Being Google-certified means we are qualified to run higher quality campaigns for you.


Online Advertising works! Unlike traditional forms of advertising, there are 3 main benefits that advertising online has. Firstly, you get to tap into the tremendous reach not economically viable through traditional media. Secondly, you get to choose who and when they see your ads (highly targeted audience), which means you don’t waste money dishing out flyers to random passer-by. Last but not least, you get to measure the results – see not only who clicks your ads, but when and why they do so. With such information, you can learn more and better understand your target market, which allows you to further optimize your ad message to tailor to their needs and wants, and close on the sale more effectively.

However, the benefits stated above are only but the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t yet explore just how powerful it can be for your branding! So if you are serious about creating a positive and instant online presence, call us today and find out how. Advertising budget from $500 monthly.

What’s your advertising objective?

Aiden Creative will recommend an appropriate ad approach based on that objective, and then help determine how your ads performed against your objective. Objective-based ad buying and reporting, are part of our ongoing efforts to make online advertising as simple as possible.

It’s all about objectives. Businesses told us that when creating an ad, they didn’t want to choose an ad unit — they wanted to meet an objective. We spoke with marketers of all types and sizes to uncover the objectives that matter most to them.

They are:
Clicks to Website Website
Page Post Engagement
Page Likes
App Installs
In-store Offer claims
Event Responses

In turn, these objectives have become the new starting point for buying ads on Facebook. Based on the objective a business chooses, we’ll now recommend an appropriate ad campaign.

Location, location, location

As before, Aiden Creative will place your ad where we see it performing best — whether it’s in Facebook, Google Display Network, or major Search Networks . On top of that, Aiden Creative will tailor ads based on placement; by giving advertisers the option to choose where their ad appears. For example, if you are looking to drive traffic to their website, you can now place a desktop ad with a link to their full desktop site, and a separate mobile ad that links to your mobile site. This means businesses can better tailor ad experiences based on where people will see their message.

Measuring impact

Aiden Creative will also produce report, which allows you to map your campaign results directly to the objective they chose when they created their ad. You will receive important metrics such as CTR, CPC, CPM, and overall campaign CPA. By running objective-based advertising campaigns, businesses can focus on what matters to them most: driving results for their business.

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