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October 31, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Social Media Bandwagon

Since its inception in the early 2000s, social media networks have been growing rapidly. As of 2016, there are now 1.96 billion social media users and this number is expected to increase to 2.5 billion by 2018. There are currently 2 billion users on social media giant Facebook, 800 million Instagrammers, 340 million Weibo users,…

October 17, 2017

Brand Authenticity Most Important to Consumers in Asia

A global study by Colf & Wolfe has shown that consumers in Asia are more inclined to brands are more authentic, honest and open. The survey covered more than 15,000 consumers in 15 markets, 5 of which are in Asia – India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Colf & Wolfe’s 2017 Authentic Brands Study…

October 16, 2017

Sponsored Video Content Made Available on LinkedIn

It is still in the closed beta phase, but video ads in LinkedIn will soon come to fruition in the not too distant future. 2 months after launching native video, which allows users to upload videos onto the site, LinkedIn is now dabbling in sponsored content in the form of videos. They are now working…

October 5, 2017

Google’s First Click Free Replaced with Flexible Sampling

Google first introduced First Click Free (FCF) ten years ago and it was intended to let users sample publisher content and let them determine the value of said content. However, publishers first had to give permission to Google Search to access news articles that are behind a paywall, otherwise the articles will not show on…

April 5, 2014

Using Effective Keyword Research

It is really important to perform a fundamental research on keywords before you decide on which ones to rank for. This article explains in depth on how you can build an effective list of keywords for your website.   (1) Start off by grouping a list of User Search Queries (keywords) that your target audience...
February 14, 2014

Why Google +, and how brands can use Google + effectively?

More has been written about Google+ over the past 26 months than almost any other social media site.  While Google+ has had its share of press, there are still many skeptics. In the face of the sheer amount of time consumers spend on Facebook and Twitter, how do brands solve the dilemma of where to spend their…

January 27, 2014

New Website, New Look. We are live!

After months of design, copywriting, development and testing, our brand-new website is finally up and running! Combining the expertises of our designers, UX specialists, copywriters and technologists, the digital marketing DNA of Aiden Creative is embedded in this spanking new website. Utilizing the latest UX design technology, we have created an immersive user experience for...
January 22, 2014

Grand Opening: Hue Concept Interior Design

I must say that it was really awesome to witness the grand opening of Hue Concept. It's one of the best and grandest I've seen, with a variety of daring moves - an indication of the entrepreneurial spirit the directors have set for their business. What's even more rewarding is to hear positive feedbacks from...
January 10, 2014

Best practices for Mobile SEO

What is Search Engine Optimizations? Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those areas that are overcomplicated with technical jargon and complex theories, but the rules are really quite simple. SEO is not about machines, it’s about people. Search engines want to deliver the site that is the most relevant and best-equipped to answer the...
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