Integrated Online Marketing

Engage on multiple touch-points for the most effective results.

Integrated Online Marketing (IOM) harnesses proven and tested technologies to bring about massive flow of traffic to your website on a consistent basis. We don’t believe in solely Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that some agencies may promise you to be enough, or THE WAY to go for online marketing, because the fact remains that SEO alone is simply not enough!

What is all the fuss about SEO anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is a process of improving a website’s visibility on the organic (unpaid) search results page. Effective on-site optimisation of your pages using proper keywords, minimizing the amount of page load time, serving up validated, semantic W3C code and an SEO friendly information architecture are all proven elements to increase your website ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Lastly, leveraging off site optimization through blog posts, press releases, article development, social engagement and other link building methodologies are also proven to deliver high rankings on SERPs.

Wow! Isn’t SEO a must for all businesses since it’s going to increase my website’s visibility?

Not exactly. As with all marketing and advertising budget, there’s an ROI tag to it, and the profit margin of your products/services. Just as you do not see a convenience store having a full page advertisement on the Straits Times, it is also not wise for them to engage for SEO services if the competition is already very high. Besides, SEO targets only one segment of the online market – that is people who are using the search engine on your product/service, not anyone else who are everywhere else in the internet. Instead of jumping straight into the SEO bandwagon, have you considered other alternatives that are free and/or low-cost methods of improving your web presence? Have you produced a promotional or corporate video and have it distributed online so more users can get acquainted to your products/services? Do you already have a facebook page that connects your prospects and friends of theirs? Have you already advertise in a local forum that is related to your product/service? The list of questions can go on and on.

There are many other myths about SEO, which will be posted on our blog from time to time. For now, let us arrest another myth…

It’s affordable – only $2.5K for 6 months. And there’s a money-back guarantee! Besides, after that 6 months, I will have enough visibility on top of the SERP to convert more search engine users into customers!

Money-back guarantee? And that you only pay for results? One thing we were all taught since young is that – if something is too good to be true, it probably is! An SEO agent will surely charge you a 50% deposit upfront, because they will at least walk away with some profits if the desired outcome is not achieved. But at the back of your mind you are secured by the guarantee that if the desired outcome is not achieved, you wouldn’t have to pay the remaining 50%. So you probably trust him and pay him thousands of dollars for having ‘faith’ in him to rank your site well. How naive! Period.

Website ranking goes up and down like a stock market. It does not mean once you are up there in the SERP you will remain so. This is further from the truth, especially if the keyword you are ranking for is highly competitive. If you stop short of improving and optimising your website and content on a consistent basis, you will soon see your ranking displaced in a matter of days. And there goes your investment!

So why are you still call an SEO agency if SEO seems like a bad marketing investment?

SEO is far from bad. It is in fact one of the most effective online marketing technique by far. We would strongly encourage companies to practice SEO if their marketing budget allows it. But this article is a reminder for businesses to stop relying and spending thousands each month on SEO alone, because SEO alone is like a one-man army. It may be a hero, but it is still nothing as compared to the strength of a batallion of soldiers. A batallion of soldiers in internet marketing context is called Integrated Online Marketing – a proven molecule of online marketing elements that will not only proliferate your web traffic, but it will remain strong, due to the strong fundamentals inherent in this technique.


Integrated Online Marketing (IOM)

Integrated Online Marketing is the act of tying all online marketing elements together, bringing them back through a single point of entry:

  • Blog and content creation
  • On-site Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social networking
  • Press releases
  • Referral (affiliate) marketing
  • Outreach to journalists and other bloggers
  • SEM (Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, etc)
  • Advertising on related blogs, websites, forums
  • Squidoo lens page
  • Viral video seeding
  • Online Performance Analytics
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • And the list goes on and on… Aiden Creative will formulate the best course of integrated strategy for you.


An example might help illustrate the concept in practice.

Let’s take an aspiring life coach who specializes in BRG and relationship coaching. Lee writes her about 5 blog posts every week. She makes an effort to precise her primary and long-tail keywords (SEO technique), and she checks her Analytics platform regularly to determine how her site performs. She tweets regularly and has gotten herself a Facebook page.

We are all familiar with the Tiger Woods scandal. Lee might see an opportunity in that. She knows she has to be careful however– it’s incendiary and it’s ethically fraught. If she approaches it unwisely, she could get blasted for trying to profit off others’ misfortune. But Lee believes in what she does and she thinks she can help others who are trying to rebuild after the heartache of infidelity. She’s got an ebook on this very subject, actually, and she wants better sales for it.

Lee could simply write a blog post tying Woods’ public apology to the act of apologizing to your spouse after infidelity and working in some advice from her ebook. She could even tweet that post. And she might see a small bump in sales as a result.

But what if she did this instead…?

  • Wrote the post as a series of posts offering concrete and specific advice on dealing with infidelity in a marriage — never once mentioning her book.
  • Tweeted each post, and then …
  • … followed up on Twitter by engaging others on the subject — asking questions, engaging in real conversations about the subject in a thoughtful, substantive way.
  • Created a business Facebook page for her coaching business, and sent out an email campaign to her list asking them to become fans.
  • Produce a video series and distribute them in social media bookmarking sites and video sharing sites.
  • Crafted a press release based on her branding as “the No-Nonsense Relationship Crisis Coach” and distributed it via online press release sites, directing readers back to her website and blog for further information.
  • Built up the “News and Announcements” portion of her website with links to interviews, other blog posts, and journalism in which she appeared as a cited expert.
  • Integrated all this with her Google plus, so that those following her there could easily share her links (both her own blog posts and the news articles citing her) with their groups.

Would Coach Lee see a bigger book sales? With all the new traffic coming to her site, I don’t see how she could fail in this.

This is just one example of integrated online marketing. Instead of thinking in micro-sized chunks of your marketing puzzle — you’re marketing on the macro level, with the entire puzzle laid out before you as a cohesive whole, each piece linked to the next and all of it pulling your targets back to your primary channel: your website.

Integrated online marketing may be time-consuming and requires a big-picture perspective, but you don’t have to be alone at this. Aiden Creative makes it affordable and convenient for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best – selling your products and services. Remember, a beautiful website with no visitors is the saddest place on earth! Don’t let that happen to you. For a preview of our case-study on Integrated Online Strategy, call us today or leave a message for us to call you. Whether you ultimately engage our services or not, we will make it worth your while!

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