Our Thinking

The mindset that set us and our competitors apart.

Every Interaction Matters.

“Every single interaction should lead to a powerful connected experience for them.” 

What do we mean by interaction? We mean every way people experience your business, whether it’s the product, service, marketing or communications.

Your brand isn’t what you say it is. What it is in their minds is what it is. This philosophy guides everything we do, from building an interactive digital platform, to amplifying your presence through PPC Advertising, SEO, and more importantly, Social Media Marketing.

Our approach is grounded firmly in the brand values, business goals, consumer behaviour and cultural context in which our clients operate. We focus on the point at which digital helps people interact with brands and businesses, whether that be the visual design, the messaging and content, or the actual interface of a product, application or service. And by listening to how our work is received, to how people react to it or use it, we’re able to constantly iterate and improve the experiences we create.

A Unique and Connected Experience

At Aiden Creative, we don’t consider this the digital age — that’s too simple. This is the age of connection. But connection means more than a plug and a modem — person to person, device to device, brands to content and back to people, the world is becoming increasingly more interwoven in ways we have yet to even realize.

While the design, technology and communication industries have been circling each other for years, we challenge ourselves to create work that addresses all three with equal fluency. We start by asking the right questions, not by focusing on tactics or campaigns.

Today customers define your brand, whether you like it or not. The communication challenge is to connect with your target groups on their terms in a world of constantly changing behavior. As your creative assignments broadens towards the globalized world the “playground” becomes more complex. Therefore the ability to adapt and adopt at the speed of change becomes crucial to your success.

Aiden Creative provides lean agency solutions for the globalized world with focus on both creativity and efficiency. This means that for any business to thrive in today’s digital climate, it is essential to create a connected experience with your customers. By employing the most effective Integrated Online Marketing (IOM) strategies, Aiden Creative helps you amplify your brand presence and deliver the most engaging experience for your customers online.

A Ecosystem for your Online Venture

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To perform well online, you need more than a well-crafted website. You need to understand how to reach qualified leads and bring them to your doorstep.

Introducing Integrated Online Marketing, a concept that Aiden Creative pride ourselves on. Think of your website as an online hub that features your unique selling points, flagship products and services. By harnessing the RIGHT digital media and platforms, Aiden Creative helps you brand awareness, extend your reach and engage with your customers. When your customers are engaged and connected, sales and conversions becomes a natural step forward. This multi-channel system ensures that there is a strong synergy and an interconnectedness between all your online marketing tools.

In today’s fast-paced digital climate, Consumers’ lifestyles are constantly changing. Besides, this phenomenon is further accentuated by the evolution of the mobile age. It is our role as a marketer to first listen to their wants and needs, and then feed them with the essential information to save them the time and hassle in searching for the relevant information. It’s all about the right message at the right place and right time.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Gone are the days when you can only rely on traditional media such as TV broadcast, newspaper ads and direct emailing to do hard selling. That is ‘outbound and outdated’. Nobody likes to be pitched at! Besides, it’s no longer enough to target based on demographics – you need to start listening to your customers and tailoring your messages to each individual, engaging them on multiple touch points. It’s a two way communication in many ways, whether you are a cafe or a brand.

With inbound marketing, you attract interested prospects with great content creation that matches the customer’s needs and wants. When the right content are presented at the right place and right time, there is a higher conversion rate. Studies have also shown that the cost per lead of inbound marketing is over 60% lower than that of outbound marketing! Don’t just depend on SEO or SEM alone. Understand your customer persona, understand your online consumer behaviour and lifecycle, and understand what they seek. Then tailor your most relevant content (in the form of a product, tips, tricks, media, etc) to them!

The IOM (Integrated Online Marketing) method is iterative; subsequent experimental plans will be based on the outcome of the previous campaigns. Each improvement builds upon the success of the previous ones. Each time your conversion rate is increased, it becomes increasingly difficult for competitors to compete. Also, as your conversion rate grows, more opportunities present themselves. IOM creates a virtuous circle that accelerates your business’s growth.

As this overview has shown, Integrated Online Marketing is not about best-practice; it’s a process of activities that encompass a wide range of disciplines. Although it sounds less appealing than applying “magic buttons,” we don’t know of an easier, more reliable way to grow an online business.

Get in touch with us today, and let us explore how we can help extend your reach and improve your conversions online.


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