How I Met My Wedding Dress

Design and Development. e-Commerce and Listing Functionalities.

How I Met My Wedding Dress is a listing service connecting buyers and sellers of new, sample and pre-owned wedding dresses. Their site enables sellers to list and sell their dresses on the site for a one-time listing fee and the dress is listed until it sells.


Stefanie came to us to revamp their current website to increase conversion. We make many improvements to not only sell dresses but to sell accessories. We need to increase conversion and this is done by tweaking existing module for recently listed dresses and featuring newly discounted item automatically. In this way, user will always get a fresh listing of dresses and accessories everytime they visit a website.

Aiden Creative have also made the search function more robust and users can search for dresses immediately, either the ones recently sold dresses or those that are available in bridal houses. We find that these are the most common search terms when they are doing searches online.

We are really excited to have revamped and launched the website successfully. And most importantly, we are not only able to made this client happy but we also made her customers happy!

“Awesome is the word to describe the hardworking team behind Aiden Creative. I agree with one of Theodore’s comment on their approach – business centric vs. project centric. Us being clients are not easy to deal with at times due to our ever changing minds and our infinity list of requests and so its really commendable that Aiden is approachable, flexible and is willing to do what it takes to help us achieve our goals and objectives. Thank you for keeping me sane and helping me though my first website. Although Aiden was not my original contractor for my website (should have met them sooner!), Aiden has now become my go-to person for all things “website-related”. I am extremely elated that our 2nd phase of improvements will be launched anytime now and I hope to start our 3rd phase right after that! Special thanks to Zhiwei who has worked graveyard shifts to make good things happen :”). Stay awesome guys!”

Stephanie Leong
Partner, How I Met My Wedding Dress

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