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The Pesta Raya festival, a programme by Esplanade is held annually during Singapore’s Hari Raya Puasa. To celebrate Malay arts by Malay artists from Southeast Asia and around the world, the festival comprises both ticketed and free performances. There is an exciting line-up of some of the best traditional and contemporary Malay artists presenting vibrant works of dance, theatre and music.

For the transactions of ticket, the organizer, Esplanade need a platform on their website that is both enticing and effective in sales conversion. The client want more ticket sales this year as compared to previous years.  Besides, they are well aware of an increasing number of users who browse the site using your mobile and table devices. It is therefore important to cater to the best user experience to these visitors as well.

Bearing the various personas of customers Esplande has in mind, Aiden Creative came up with a multi-pronged approach in the design and development of Pesta Raya. In order to cater to the multiple devices and varying browser dimensions, the website is developed on a responsive framework. This allows the most relevant content to be displayed optimally on the user’s browser, for the best user experience. With a scroll of the thumb, users are led from one point to another, for a more complete understanding of the various event offerings Pesta Raya offers.  On top of that, in a bid to increase engagement and page views, past year performances, videos, events, and venues are also included. Last but not least, every page has a strong yet subtle call-to-action button that will lead them the relevant conversion pages; be it to enquire for further information or ticket purchases.


As compared with the previous year, the website receives far lesser bounce rate. It has also garnered higher page views and average duration a page . More importantly, the ticket sales has been very encouraging. Esplanade is extremely satisfied with the outcome. Aiden Creative is honoured to be able to utilize our digital marketing expertise to generate the desired results for Esplanade.

“Aiden Creative has proven itself to be an agency which exceeds expectations with their heartfelt service attitude and timely delivery of quality work. The competition within this industry is no secret to all, and the mark of a good digital marketing agency is one which works well under pressure. For the two projects that we had entrusted Aiden Creative with, namely Tapestry and Pesta Raya, I am pleased to comment that the agency not only thrives but excels by going that extra mile to care and take upon the project as its own pride. It was my pleasure to have worked with Aiden Creative, and I look forward to future co-operations when the opportunity arises again.”

Lim Jean Nie
Editor, The Esplanade Co. Ltd

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