Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What better way to generate qualified leads than by implementing pay-per-click advertising (paid search)? This is similar to SEO in that relevant listings are displayed for a particular user search query, except that you are virtually guaranteed first page placements on the search results page! As a Google Adwords certified company, we are made up of qualified and experienced individuals with extensive knowledge to run a successful ad campaign for your business. Besides Google Adwords, we also provide our paid search for other search networks such as Yahoo! and Bing. Some of the features provided by Aiden Creative are:

  • Extensive search network. You can reach a wider audience using pay-per-click advertising with highly relevant keywords and ad texts. These will likely lead to a high conversion rate.
  • Precise day-targeting & geo-targeting. We ensure that your ads are only running during times when your target market is on the web. With the widespread usage of smartphones like Android and iPhones, we also target your audiences according to physical location.
  • Highly customised demographics targeting. Our paid search management services help you further define your consumer search, adding demographic details such as age, gender, and other factors to the process.
  • Effective landing page. A ‘sticky’ landing page will be created for you. It will contain strong, relevant content while at the same time, with call-to-action to entice customers to make the desired conversion.
  • Monitoring of metrics. Whether it is click through rate or conversion, we are able to optimise the performance of your ad campaign to maximise your ROI using readily generated reports.

Online Display Advertising

Besides SEM, display advertising provides another channel to amplify your online influence and bring traffic to your website. At Aiden Creative, we possess the all-encompassing knowledge and skills to create the most relevant and engaging display ads. You can look forward to:

  • Extensive display network. Take advantage of the booming online advertising industry where you can show your ads on thousands of partnering websites across the internet. You are able to capture someone’s attention at different points in the buying cycle.
  • Contextual targeting. We can help you reach your target audiences in the websites that are most aligned with your keywords and topics.
  • Managed placement & remarketing. To be even more specific, we can target specific websites related to your target market. Alternatively, we have the experience in creating a remarketing campaign where we seek to convert the former visitors of your website into customers.
  • Another important element to great paid search campaign is the quality of the Landing Page. Google recently reported that paid search visibility is favorably given to companies that direct traffic to rich landing pages. The goal is to create a “sticky” landing page that contains strong, relevant content while at the same time enticing customers to make some sort of conversion. Aiden Creative will employ conversion optimisation techniques to learn more about your site visitors who convert, either through signing up or buying a product and those who do not convert. With these metrics, we can create even better landing page that has a higher rate of converting your site visitors. 
  • Appealing ad formats. With the added features, you are now able to entice your prospects with text, image, video or rich media formats.

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Aiden Creative has established itself as the leader in search engine marketing services in Singapore. Our individuals are not only Google Qualified, but we have managed a high level of click-through-rate for all our clients.

With the cost of keywords on the rise and click through rates becoming more of an evidence of a strong campaign, it is important to contract with the best agency to ensure your advertising dollars are not burned without reaping positive ROI. Our proven tactics are cultivated regularly to ensure our practices are completely ethical, effective and cost-efficient.

Call us today and learn how we can employ Paid Search Advertising for your business, or you can choose to leave your contact information below and we will get back to you at the soonest time possible. Whether you ultimately engage our services or not, we will make it worth your while!

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