Client Integrity Policy / Exclusivity Policy

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31


SEO Integrity Policy
We provide SEO that focuses on where the future of search is going and that delivers maximum customer relevance and customer experience. There are no tricks or unethical conducts involved, just great marketing and relevance to your customer, both of which result in maximum placement on the search engines. This means giving your prospective customers the most sophisticated and targeted content for their search selection. By doing this, you become most aligned with the ultimate intention of the search engines and eliminate the risk of being banned and experiencing significant losses.

Exclusivity Policy
In business, the goal is to beat your competition. How can you beat your competition, when your competition is using the same agency as you are? This thought process does not make any sense. At Aiden Creative, all of our contracts include an exclusivity clause that outlines the legal requirement that we will not work with any other company that you deem competitive with your company. Think of Aiden Creative as your competitive advantage!

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