5 Website Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018

5 Website Design trends for the New Year

Trends come and go, and this is no different for website design. In order to more efficiently reach your target audience, it is important that your website is fully functional, via both desktop browsers and mobile, aesthetically-pleasing and up-to-date with the latest technologies.

As 2018 gets to a rolling start, what can we expect to see in the web design landscape?

  • Animation

There is no better way to make a website interface truly pop than with animation. With the increased number of animation tools made available to users, it is now easy to create simple animation for use in a website, and this is one of the reasons why it is set to be a huge trend in 2018.


Animation goes a long way in building a positive image for your brand and is an element that you should definitely consider adding to your website to leave a lasting impression and to successfully engage audiences.


  • In-your-face Typography

Minimalism in web design is going to continue to be ‘in’ in a big way and the best type of typography that works with the minimalist style is bold and ‘in-your-face’. Pair serif with sans serif font to create a look that is interesting and funky. Throw in some bright, bombastic colors and you would have perfected the idea website look for 2018.


  • Illustrations

Illustrations first became popular in 2017 and its popularity is set to continue in the New Year as they are engaging, fun and effective in injecting personality into your brand. Custom illustrations work perfectly with the other trending style set to conquer in 2018 – minimalism.


Because they are easy to create, illustrations can be made to cater to any type of business and is a truly simple way to brighten up a website that may be otherwise dry and overly-wordy.


  • Mobile is King

More people are accessing websites on their mobile phones and it is therefore crucial that your website is designed with a mobile-friendly user interface. In order to maximize your reach, having a mobile-accessible site AND customized app for your business is ideal, but if your budget is limited, remember that mobile is King and it is essential for your business site to be easily reachable on mobile as well. Opt for a sophisticated interface to create an aesthetically-pleasing site on mobile and to allow for a pleasant user experience.


  • Saturated gradient

Gone are the web-safe colors of the past as designers now explore bold palettes to give websites a unique and vibrant look. With advancement with technology, computer and laptop monitors and device screens can now display brilliant color hues in high definition to offer users a dynamic experience.


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