An App For Your Business – It IS The Way To Go These Days & Here’s Why

Here's why you should develop an app for your business

To many, developing and launching your very own app seems like a daunting task that requires a lot of planning and researching, as well as a sizeable budget. But it actually does not have to be that way! There are now plenty of app developers who charge reasonable prices for creating simple and effective apps for small-to-mid-sized companies. All you need to invest is a little time and a portion of your business’ marketing budget to get your very own app on the road.

Why would you need an app for your business? How exactly will an app help it grow? If you look at your smart phone right now, you should notice that most of the apps that you have downloaded belong to the businesses that you frequent often, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Amazon or Uber. The main reason that convinced you to download these apps is the convenience that they offer you, the consumer; for instance, the ease in purchasing a product (or 2, or 5 or a dozen!), in engaging a service, or in browsing targeted information, such as in the case for news agency apps.

You can be a part of that group of reputable companies in providing your users and customers with that same convenience and efficiency. A corporate website simply isn’t enough these days, and taking the step to launch a mobile app will propel your business to the next level.

Developing a customized mobile app for your business should be an important part of the marketing plan for your company and this is why:

Make yourself available at all times

Sure, you can be available to your customers 24/7 with an active website and through social media platforms, but the hassle is in searching for your business; for instance, if a customer wants to access your Facebook page, they will have to search for you first. The same goes for a website – if your website URL is not already known to customers, they will have to search for your business through search engines before being directed to your site.


With an app, all they have to do is unlock their smart phone or tablet, download your app (if they haven’t already done so), and with a touch of the finger, your business and what you have to offer is ALL that they see on their screens. It is convenient, fast and completely hassle-free.

Personalize your customers’ user experience

Advertising is everywhere – from print ads on buses, trains, the sides of commercial buildings, to digital ads that pop up when we browse the web, or scroll through our Facebook news feed. The continuous stream of commercials marketing various businesses and products is so omnipresent that it is difficult to make a mark in the sea of dazzling print ads with their enticing copy and quality images.


Stand out from the crowd with an app that allows you to engage and connect directly with your customers. Through an app, you can communicate directly and intimately with your customers without the external noise and distractions. It is as if your business is offering each and every customer with a personalized concierge service at the touch of their finger.

Relay your message instantly to customers

Is your e-shop rolling out a 24-hour sale special? Or perhaps your bubble tea store has just introduced a new drink? There is no better way to relay the news of the latest promotions and updates to your loyal customers than via an app. With the “push notification” option activated on the smart phone or tablet, what you send out will be instantly communicated to all users of your app for optimized and effective marketing.


Discard all your previous notions about the difficulties involved in developing your own app because it can be easy, reasonably priced and quick if you hire the right agency to do it for you. At Aiden Creative, we pride ourselves in our iOS and Android App Development service so let us create a smashing app for your business. Send in your enquiries here.


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