Google to place higher emphasis on Landing Page Optimisation

Google announced this week that the company is placing heavy emphasis on relevance and quality of landing pages for their AdWords quality score.  This update was first sent out in select countries including Brazil, Portugal and Spain.  Google then decided to roll out the change globally.  Although this will take some time (we figure a couple weeks), the important update will place heavier emphasis on the quality of landing pages.  This will then go beyond just selecting the best PPC company, it also presents a case that marketers also need to pay attention to the quality of the landing page they are pointing to.

Creating a “sticky” landing page is vital as the primary focus should be to create a page that results in some sort of conversion.  Creating that conversion makes the whole campaign worth it.  Without doing so, visitors to the page are not going to be engaged with the business, and the value is thus minimized.  Marketers need to focus on effective landing page optimization that creates the ability to make a conversion.

Back to AdWords — Google stated in their announcement that they are focused on “delivering a great experience after they click”.  Quality is the focus.  Google has taken many steps to reinforce high quality and only deliver the most valuable results on their search engine.  The same rules apply.

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