Sponsored Video Content Made Available on LinkedIn

LinkedIn to launch sponsored video ads on their mobile platform

It is still in the closed beta phase, but video ads in LinkedIn will soon come to fruition in the not too distant future. 2 months after launching native video, which allows users to upload videos onto the site, LinkedIn is now dabbling in sponsored content in the form of videos.

They are now working with a few hundred advertisers such as Prudential Financial and Microsoft Canada in its initial test phase and are looking to make the service available to all brands in the first half of 2018.

Sponsored video content will feature as individual posts together with regular LinkedIn content, but will be labelled as “Promoted”. It will be launched on mobile only for now, but LinkedIn has plans to make it available on the desktop platform soon.

Upon its official launch, this service will allow advertisers to upload and post videos via LinkedIn Campaign Manager, their main profile page or showcase page. The promotion and targeting options for the sponsored videos will be similar to other LinkedIn ad products – based on company size, job title, matched audiences offering and geography. The campaign reporting for the service will be made more efficient with video-specific metrics and publishers can more effectively track view count by percentage of completion.


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