Table-less Website Design for better SEO

Cascade style sheets, or CSS has gained greater significance in search engine optimization (SEO). Tableless Web sites, a hallmark of CSS styling tends to generate a lot of web traffic.  Even Google and Yahoo, two of the largest search engines are not in favor of tabled Web pages. Therefore, CSS Web sites usually rank higher in these search engines.

Important keywords that are important leads for search engines are rendered useless if they are contained within the tables in your site. These is because the search engine algorithms are not able to recognize the contents that are in tables. Bottom line, in Aiden Creative terms, tables are formatting of website that are done in the prehistoric age of online development.

By adopting a CSS design, you separate these keywords in the tabular format and display them like other text entries. CSS style allows you to organize the most important content at the top of the page without affecting the layout of the page. In a CSS style sheet, an individual put all the design elements in the additional CSS style sheet. Thus the Web page gets more articles rich, in addition, these tableless layouts are of smaller size, and so they reduce loading time substantially.

CSS tables are highly accommodating too. They let you make changes to the layout without difficulty. Changes can be made to the styles as well as the graphics. In short, CSS Web sites offer multiple benefits to a Web site with regard to its usability and search engine optimisation.

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