Planning and executing a new marketing campaign on your own can be a confusing and nerve-wrecking affair. As such, we at Aiden Creative strive to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge for the journey, when you choose us as your marketing guide.

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01 - Preparing the Journey

To ensure that you are well prepared, every campaign begins with our complimentary Branding Strategy service: from a targeted consultation with you, to deep analysis, and ultimately, the proposal of the marketing strategy.

Branding Conslutation

Branding Consultation

To start the ball rolling, a preliminary branding consultation with your team will be conducted to identify:

  • Your Goals and Objectives
  • Your Brand Identity and Unique Selling Point
  • Your Target Audience
  • Your Ideal Brand Positioning
  • Your Constraints and Existing Issues
User Research & Competitor Analysis

User Research &
Competitor Analysis

With a target audience in mind, User Research will then be conducted to find out what drives your users and makes them tick. Analysis of both you and your competitors’ strategies and services will also be performed to identify effective strategies, gaps in the market, and how you can make your mark in the industry.

User Research & Competitor Analysis
IMC Proposal

IMC Proposal

Following the groundwork laid out, our team will next begin proposing an iterative Integrated Marketing Strategy that looks at the type of marketing mix for your brand, budget for each initiative and more. This will be built to complement or strengthen your existing marketing efforts, so that your brand is communicated consistently and synergistically across all platforms!

02 - Making the Journey

Once the go-to-market plan has been decided, the journey will fully commence with the implementation of the various strategies:

  • Creating key visuals and engaging content via Graphic Design & Video Marketing
  • Developing a user-friendly platform for critical brand interactions and processes in Website, Web App & App Development or Customised ERP Solution
  • Driving brand awareness, engagement and conversions through Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing
  • Cultivating customer loyalty and sustained brand interest with Loyalty Marketing and Email Marketing
Making The Journey

03 - Following the Journey

Following The Journey

Beyond executing the campaigns, as part of the iterative integrated marketing strategy, our team will continue to support you through regular campaign reviews (e.g. through Social Media, AdWords Campaign Performance Reporting, or Website Analytics Reporting), ensuring that you are on track, and that your campaigns are ultimately Conversion Optimised.

At the end of the day, like all guides, we at Aiden Creative have only one goal in mind. To help you reach your end destination, and succeed in what you set out to achieve. Till another journey begins!

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