Search Engine Marketing

Place your website where your potential customers can find them through pay-per-click search or display marketing ads, and get billed only when website traffic is garnered! Geared towards helping you reach your desired audience, beyond performing the basic analysis and setup, we at Aiden Creative also help to monitor and adapt your campaign, to optimize the number and quality of leads you get.

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What We Do

Display Ads Marketing

Another channel to amplify your online influence, we also help with contextual targeting, managed placements and remarketing to ensure that your display ads reach out to the right audience at the right place. Additionally, more tailored display ads creatives can be designed upon request to reflect your brand’s latest offer, further enticing prospects.

Landing Page Analysis

More than just looking at your ad strategy, we also look into the quality of your landing page, to ensure that they contain strong, relevant content for your customers. With paid search visibility given favourably to companies that direct traffic to rich landing pages, we hence employ conversion optimisation techniques to create better landing pages with a higher rate of visitor conversion.

Search Ads Marketing

From precise day-targeting and geo-targeting to highly customised demographics targeting derived from customer research, ad copy drafting, keywords and more, we constantly monitor and adapt your ad campaigns to ensure that they are optimised for performance and ROI.

Remarketing Campaign

Using data captured from your ad campaigns, target former visitors of your website who have yet to make a purchase through remarketing campaigns with a specific or unique call-to-action.