Customised Enterprise Solutions

Do you require a business solution that delivers productivity and helps to streamline your core business processes? Harness the power of the cloud as well as our technical expertise to run your business more effectively and lower costs.

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What We Do

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Aiden Creative offers a comprehensive, enterprise-grade platform that can transform your operations, and thus allow you to focus on running your business. In addition to having prior experience in building an internal car booking system, car rental booking system, accounting and payroll software development, we also partner established software house WizVision to offer bespoke services such as Enterprise-class Application design, development support, maintenance and more!

Platform Integration

As a subset of developing an enterprise resource planning solution, we are also capable of integrating your web platform with external software and systems, such as third-party logistics providers, management tools, or programmes your business uses to provide a wholly integrated solution.

Enterprise Cloud Coverage

To help you focus better on your business, we take care of the technical complications of hosting your website via our Enterprise Cloud Coverage solution. Whether you need a cloud dedicated, VPS or shared server, we've got your covered with our award-winning partner servers, that are designed to handle high traffic surges, and possess high level designs and engineering features.