User Research

Going beyond intuition and guesswork, we conduct a range of qualitative and quantitative tests and studies to help you verify the pain points, needs and wants of your customers, as well as the performance of your end system. This helps you to pick out the key areas to be addressed in your system design, and ultimately check that your finished product fills the gaps identified.

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What We Do

User Research

Via a range of qualitative and quantitative methods such as surveys, interviews, focus group discussions and more, we work to identify what the pain points of your current customers are and how you can better address their needs and wants, so that these actionable insights can be brought along with you moving forward.

User Experience Audit

As an external user, we help to evaluate your system design in terms of its alignment with established UX principles, as well as comparative experience to competitors' websites (where possible), and provide subsequent recommendations to improve on them. These findings will then be incorporated into our UX and UI designs for your website or platform.

Usability Testing

Nothing beats getting actual user endorsement for rolling out your initiatives. Instead of second guessing, we hence subject your prototype or preliminary product to moderated user tests with potential end users, to verify that your proposed platform delivers a satisfactory experience overall.

Website Analysis & Review

For platforms and websites that are up and running, split-tests can be conducted to help identify which content, page elements and arrangements are more likely to yield the results you want from your users. Reviewing results in terms of clicks, mouse-overs, time spent on a page and more, we can thus help to provide iterative changes to your website, and ultimately get you the conversion rates or outcomes you desire!